10 Easy Herbs to Grow in Your Garden for Beginners

Looking for the best herbs to grow as a beginner gardener? Herbs make food taste better and have a ton of health benefits.
If you’re looking for inspiration find out the easiest herbs to grow for your herb garden!

I’m on mission to keep you on mission! I want you to be confident in the kitchen so you can feel confident, understand how your body works and understand how much God loves you!


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Today we’re going to look at how simple it is to grow herbs in your garden and I’m going to show you a glimpse into my garden and some of the herbs that are so easy to grow that everyone should do it.

Let’s take a look at what I have grown and then you can see easy herbs to grow you might want to share in your garden as well. First of all, as you can see, we’re looking at the Oregano. This oregano plant, it just, it’s a perennial, so I’ve only had to plan at one time and as you can see, it is filling this entire bed. You could just say, you crush these leaves, you can just smell the aroma of the Oregano. So every year I harvest this. In fact, right now it’s time to harvest.

So I would cut these off, I would take them inside and I would dehydrate the leaves. That means I’m going to have fresh Oregano all year long. If you want any Oregano plants, give me a call, come by and you can get some starters that I have right over here and start some Oregano and your garden. So definitely start some Oregano. Oregano is a easy herbs to grow, just put it anywhere in your flower beds, maybe along your front walkway because it’s a perennial and you will enjoy using this in your Italian cooking. All right, let’s move to another herb that I have growing

here. I have some mint in my outdoor herb garden. It started in that pot right there, but now it’s trying to take over the entire garden and so we have some chocolate men do we have some peppermint mint? And if you were here, you had already smell the aroma of mint dehydrating. These leaves can be used for mint ice cream. It could be used for any mental flavored foods that you would like to use. Put it in your tea in your morning, drink some hot water lemon with a little bit of mint and you are set to go. Let’s see what else we have grown in the garden over here. We have some hyssop. Hyssop is an herb as well, but it’s also, as you can see right now, these plants are already up to my waist. They’re going to grow as tall as I am and they’re going to get beautiful flowers on them that the butterflies all love right now these tender leaves right here are perfect for making a tea.

so this right here could be abused right into a tea infuser and put into some delicious tea. That’s very good for helping with breathing, helping with inflammation, and if you remember his sep was used in biblical times as well. So this is the hyssop plant. It’s an urban, it’s going to have beautiful flowers on the top. Actually, it’s my replacement for the Butterfly Bush and it also is a perennial, so it is filling in this area. I started growing my own herb with three small plants and now I have very much been multiplying them around my yard.

Okay, let me share with you some more. This here is Echo Neisha, an herb I planted outdoors and most of you are familiar with it because of the purple coneflowers. That also is an herb. I can use the leaves for one purpose and I can use the flowers, the petals of the flowers for another purpose. This is a perennial and it’s very simple to grow and looks beautiful in the summer, spring, summer, and fall and the winter. You’re not going to see it. Now here are another one of my very favorite herbs to grow. Many of you will already recognize this. This is my rosemary, rosemary, if we have a bad winter, usually it will die unless I protect it. This winter was cold but not too

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