Today am again back with few more garden hacks and tips compilation ā€“ thats Part 4 of our Gardening Hacks. If you have nā€™t watched the previous parts of garden tips and hacks, please do that by following the links at the video end screen. So Now Lets begin:
1. Discover a Free Seed Germination station: That is the Top of your Refrigerator. You can place your Seed trays on top of a refrigerator to get the heat and produce faster germination of your seeds.
2. Picture-Perfect Seed Storage using an old photo album.
3. Easy method to check Viability of your seeds.
4. Another method to check viability is using a wet toilet paper method which I have already shown in part 2 edition of Gardening Hacks.
5. You can use Silica Gel packets which I am sure most of us have seen – seed storage container as dessicants.
6. Similarly Silica gel packets can be used to preserve powdered gardening stuff like bone meal, fungicide powder, rooting hormone.
7. Use 3% hydrogen peroxide solution to get faster germination and healhthier seedlings.
8. You can make a Humidity Tray by using Small pebbles.
9. If you do not have perlite or vermiculite, you can also use red brick powder. This helps to make a well draining soil.
10. Do not throw away Kitchen left overs: Grow plants from left over veggies and fruits like onions, pineapples and so on.
11. Now About the Universal Organic Pesticide ā€“ In 1 litre of Water, Mix these stuff (watch video) and this keeps away some animals and rodents.
12. Use liquid dish wash soap in any pesticide you make, to act as surfactant and coating on the plant leaves and branches. You can also use any handwash liquid soap or any soap solution.
13. Use unwanted or old plastic forks or plastic spoons to label plants with a marker if you do not have professional markers.
14. Use some herbs like Citronella, catnip, basil, marigolds, eucalyptus and many other plants to deter mosquitoes.

You can watch my video on a big list of mosquito repelling plants from

15. Take any straight stick and mark with inches or centimeters to evenly plant your seeds or plants specially useful if you are planting in a raised bed garden or if you do large space gardening.
16. Do not throw away banana peels, Bury them around flowering plants into the soil to provide potassium content to the plants and improve flowering and overall plant health. You can also make a banana peel liquid fertilizer using these peels.
17. Do not throw away your Broken umbrellas, you can make a garden trellis with the umbrella frame to support your plants.
So,there we have it folks, That was the Part 4 of Gardening hacks episode. If you have any other hacks, please comment below the video and share your thoughts. Also give a thumbs up to the video if you like the video and consider subscribing to the channel if you are new to the channel.

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(I am a medical doctor with hobby as gardening)

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