Beginner Plant Parent Tips & Essentials

Thank you for tuning in! These are some of the tips and gadgets I’ve picked up during my short time as a plant parent. I hope this helps you out in your plant parent journey!

⏱ Timestamps
00:00​ Introduction
1:02 Plant Activity Cataloging & Tracking
3:01 Watering & Moisture
9:15 Potting, How to Cut a Drainage Hole
12:50 Plant Handling & Maintenance

‣ Vera app by Bloomscape
‣ narrow spout watering can (alternative):
‣ Bloem Easy Pour watering can:
‣ Mister options:
‣ XLUX Moisture Meter:
‣ 1/2″ Hole Saw Drill Bit:
‣ Mesh Tape:
‣ Gloves:
‣ Tongs: any will do!
‣ Soils (please do your own research!): Miracle-Gro “Cactus, Palm & Citrus Potting Mix” mixed with “Perlite” (for succulents), “Moisture Control Potting Mix” (for herbs, other plants), “Orchid Potting Mix Coarse Blend” (for bromeliads)
‣ Potting mat options:
‣ Mintcraft plant dolly:
‣ Shears/Pruners:

by Lukrembo (Track–”Marshmallow”)
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‣ Sony A6400
‣ RØDE VideoMicro

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