Cooking A Healthy Dinner With Clearance Food and Vegetables From

Hello and welcome to Old Ways Gardening and Prepping. Would like to welcome you to my backyard on this warm late evening. Once again we are in the mood to grill and thankfully was able to catch some really great deals on clearance. This video is to hopefully encourage you to shop wiser and to look for deals all around you.

Tonight’s dinner will be wild caught Pacific cod with a mango habanero salsa. Along with grilled sauteed golden zucchini, malabar spinach and sweet potato leaves Which were all grown in my garden organically.

It is simple and easy to cook healthy as long as you have the ingredients to do so. Thankful that there was blessings in the clearance sections and took full advantage of them.

Hope this video inspires you to look for more clearance items because it keeps good food from going to the garbage. It turned out amazing and tasted wonderful. Hope everyone takes care. Have a blessed day and go outside and get some sunshine in moderation.


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