Edible Weeds and Wild Food Foraging for Beginners

As gardeners, nearly everything that we haven’t deliberately planted is potentially a “weed.” But what if many of those plants were edible and tasted great too? That would mean bonus harvests and even more flavor for the table.

This week, Pippa Lovell, wild food chef, takes me a stone’s throw from her award-winning restaurant, Versa, in Port Erin on the Isle of Man. There we forage for alexanders, wild garlic, sea beet, sea radish, seaweeds, and MUCH more. She also gives tips on beginner wild food foraging including extremely common plants that grow in both the wild and our gardens.

What’s more, she also shares how to ferment and preserve wild food. This is an often-overlooked topic in wild food foraging. As a chef and owner of a restaurant, Pippa needs to ensure that seasonal flavors are available all year round. She shares the Scandinavian fermenting recipe she uses and tips on drying herbs and edible flowers too.

Though we’re in Britain, I know that many of the foods we find can be found in temperate places around the world too. I guarantee that you will learn something new!

You can find out more on Versa on the website: http://www.restaurantversa.im/ and can connect with Pippa and the team on their Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/versaiom/

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