Expanded Clay Pellets (Hydroton) Growing Guide

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The world of hydroponics can be a bit intimidating to someone new to the methods. Even the subject of growing medium can seem convoluted. Should I use floral foam? Growstones? Perlite? Oasis cubes? Coconut chips or fiber? Rockwool? Should I just go jump in a river and fish for rocks?

Before you end up shivering from a frigid dip in the nearest river, look to this guide for information on a particular growing medium that is quite popular amongst hydroponics gardeners.

Hydroton, otherwise known as:

– Lightweight expanded clay aggregate
– LECA clay
– Clay pebbles
– and many other names

Allow me a bit of your time to lay out the good, the bad, the β€œdo’s,” and the β€œdon’ts” of this popular growing substrate.


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