Gardening for Beginners-Square Foot Gardening-Planting Zinnias in My Square Foot

Gardening for beginners- Square foot gardening- Why I grow Zinnias. Welcome gardening friends. In today’s video, I will be showing you how to plant zinnias in your square foot garden. I will be talking about why it is beneficial to have flowers in the garden, how to plant the seeds in our square foot bed, and then I will show you some of the zinnias that I have already blooming.
Let me know how you like my new channel artwork and bumper too!! Remember that I have Amazon links to Mel’s books on square foot gardening and supplies needed for square foot gardening here in the description below.
Also, remember you can post your pictures on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc. with the hashtag #singlesquarefootgarden so we can all see how you are doing!

If you haven’t seen the other videos in my series on square foot gardening, I have posted other videos on the topics:
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Here is a link to the single square foot garden playlist:

Here is Mel’s introduction video:

Here are some Amazon affiliate links if you want to order Mel’s book or gardening supplies;
Coarse vermiculite:
Peat moss:
Coconut coir:
Square foot gardening book:

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