How To Care For Spider Plants Indoors

Spider plants are nice and easy to grow plants.
It is a good choice if you are just starting out growing plants and looking for something low maintenance.
Spider plants purify the air, which is a nice addition. You can easily propagate them with plantlets: – so you will have a lots of spider plants at home very soon.

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How to care for spider plants:

1. Soil requirements – 0:27
Spider plants do well in all kind of soil. You can use the regular all purpose flower soil (peat based). I have used this before and mixed it with perlite. This last step is not necessary, it just makes the soil more loose.
Spider plants also do well in coconut coir and perlite mixture. I planted some plantlets into this mixture 5 months ago and they grew so much, they are already growing their own plantlets. This is how spider plants will rule my home very soon. 🙂

2. Lights – 01:06
Spider plants enjoy lots of sunlight, just don’t forget to water it more in the summer, when temperature rises.
If the plant gets enough light it will grow faster, will have more vivid colors. Sunlight also encourages bloom for your plant. It doesn’t need to be old for this, my 5 month old spider plant already has buds on it. You can see it in the video: 2:42

The plant can tolerate less light, in this case it might loose its vivid color and it will grow slower.

3. Watering – 03:17
Let the soil dry out between waterings. You can keep it in dry soil for a few days. I usually water them once a week, maybe twice in summer if the plant looks very thirsty.
You can now that your spider plant is thirsty if the leaves curl up and their green color changes into a pale green / grey color.

It is fine to water them from the top or from the bottom, whichever method you like better. It is also ok if some water stays in the tray, the plant will drink that the next day.

4. Fertilising
I don’t give them too much fertiliser. Maybe every second or third month they get a little. Last year I only gave my plant fertiliser twice and it was still growing nicely.

Thank you for watching the video!
Good luck growing your own spider plants!

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