How to start BASIL for the Beginner Gardener for Emergency

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This is a quick video on how to start Basil for the beginner gardener. We’re facing a serious time where some essential food and supplies are not easily accessible. I recently tried ordering groceries online, and it was challenging.

Basil is easy to grow if you have a lot of sun and a hot climate. If you live in a cooler area, you may want to grow Basil in a container, and place the container near a wall that gets reflected heat and sun.

Basil is a plant that is great for container gardening, especially if you have a small space. In this video, I’m seeding ‘Fino Verde’ Basil that is short and moundy. Good for picking leaves to garnish dishes and to have in salads. For Pesto, you want to grow ‘Genovese’ Basil.

Basil is part of the Mint family (Lamiaceae), but it is not invasive like Mint. You never want to plant Mint in the ground because it may take over and it is difficult to remove – it is better for a container. Lamiaceae plants inclue Basil, Mint, Rosemary, Lavender and many ornamental plants.

Sometimes, you can propagate Basil from cuttings. If you have a fairly mature plant midseason, you can take a few cuttings with sets of nodes and place them in a clean glass of water in your home. After a couple of weeks, they will start developing roots, and then you can plant them out as new plants.

Now that we’re going through this challenging time, it may be hard to get the typical everyday groceries that we’re used to. If you’re limited to canned food or dry goods, growing Basil and other herbs help to enhance the food and break up the monotony. Basil can be used for fresh eating, made into tinctures, dried for storage, made into a paste, etc.

When starting seeds, all you really need is good quality potting soil (one that doesn’t have too much peat moss). You don’t need vermiculite, but it helps immensely. I purchased a bag of vermiculite from Home Depot years ago, and I’m not even close to finishing it. One large bag will last you years.


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