How to Tell If Plastic is Safe for Hydroponics/Soil (Indoor

*As a disclaimer there are a few things to note in addition to the content in this video. There are a few types a plastics on the list that are considered “food safe” but not recommended for “food storage.” All the plastics on the list are safe for food contact, but that’s not the same as storing food in them.

Plastic types 3, 6 and 7 (PVC, polystyrene and polycarbonate) are commonly used in products that come into contact with food, but are really not made for storing food in. PVC (3) is not manufactured with food safe machinery and when burned or highly heated it leaches highly toxic chemicals. Polystyrene (6) such as styrofoam, is said to possibly be carcinogenic. Polycarbonate (7) although used in water bottles (not bottled water), may leach BPA unless otherwise stated by the manufacturer.

On the topic of phthalates, exposure in gardening doesn’t come anywhere near the margin of tolerance for the daily limit of the human body. Few if any larger containers are made with the type of plastic that have phthalates (plasticizers). Labeled as (3) Pvc or Vinyl is the only type of plastic you may find in hydroponic or gardening system that contain phthalates and not buckets or containers. So tubing or piping is the only things made that could contain phthalates unless stated otherwise. phthalates are very common in children toys actually. It what makes plastic soft or even rubber like. So basically is not a major concern and also because of what is stated in the next paragraph.

So to conclude, none of this is really a problem for hydroponics or soil growing because you won’t find many suitable containers made from those questionable materials anyway. And no one is using high heat or flames in container gardening. And lastly, the food you are growing is not being stored in the pot containing the soil or hydroponic solution. If you are still concerned about things like BPA, simply don’t use any plastics with the number 7. However…”7″ also means “Other.” This includes many different types of material including organic materials like bio-plastics from cornstarch.

Here is a link that discusses plastics, chemicals and how they affect your health
it goes into further detail, but to save you time it concludes that you don’t have much to worry about.

Growing Food in Plastic Containers – Is It Safe?

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