Hydroponic Squash – How To Grow Hydroponic Squash

Learning how to grow hydroponic squash is quite easy, I started out doing a YouTube search to see how other gardening content creators were growing squash.

I found that they were growing other varieties of squash and not Golden Zucchini, but I decided on moving on and starting my journey to grow Golden Zucchini anyway.

My adventure with hydroponic gardeing at home has been an amazing time and the possibilities of growing my own food indoors in never ending. The Golden Zucchini is continuing to grow amazing in my hydroponic garden indoor.

I am using a 3 Gallon Rubbermaid Container with General Hydroponics MaxiGro for the nutrients. But I have made a few changes I have changed the grow from Kratky Hydroponic method to a air circulation system with a airstone, and now I am using Hidden Harvest Grow Lights.

The Golden Zucchini is really loving the changes, it is really loving the Hidden Harvest Grow Lights, the leaves are really green and the plant looks healthy.

The fruit development looks much better as well. This experiment has gone really well and I know that I can grow hydroponic squash indoors with no problem. My only other hurdle was solving the pollination issue I had. I was so glad that one of my friends in the YouTube gardening community made a video on pollinating squash.

 Once I watched DevaJones03 video on pollinating squash, I became confident that I will be more successful in my effort to get at least one Golden Zucchini out of my efforts.

I am not a quitter and will continue on my quest to produce a harvest of at least one Golden Zucchini. Growing squash indoors under led plant grow lights is really amazing, and indoor gardening is a lot of fun and rewarding.

To grow plants hydroponically is quite an adventure, the fact that I can grow veggies and just about anything without using soil. Soil can be quite costly and also there are other issues that come along with using soil like fungus gnats.

Growing hydroponic squash is very simple, all you need is seeds, rock wool, clay pebbles, tap water, nutrients, ph testing kit, grow lights, and the container of your choice.

I hope through my journey that viewers and subscribers will be able to learn how to grow hydroponic squash. For the most part, learning how to grow squash in my indoor gardening grow space has been a joyful experience.

I will do another update in a few weeks.


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General Hydroponics MaxiGro – https://amzn.to/31VxdAA

Hidden Harvest Grow Lights – http://bit.ly/HiddenHarvest2

Rubbermaid Roughneck Storage Tote – https://amzn.to/2JtSefd

Muscle Rack UR482472WD5-R 5-Shelf Steel Shelving Unit – https://amzn.to/2qWSKfB

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