INDOOR PALM TREE CARE, (Areca Palm, Majesty Palm and more)

Learn indoor palm tree care for popular indoor palm trees including the Areca Palm, Majesty Palm, Parlor Palm, Kentia Palm) with indoor plant expert, Shirley Bovshow! Shirley takes you step by step through important care tips for your indoor palm plants.


* Palm tree indoor temperatures
*Indoor palm plant lighting requirements

*Care basics for indoor palm trees
*Soil for a potted palm trees
*How to water indoor palm trees
*How to increase humidity for indoor palm trees
*Recommended fertilizers for indoor palm trees
*Best Indoor palm houseplant varieties

Majesty palm
Areca palm
Parlor palm
Kentia palm
Fishtail palm
Century palm

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Featuring Los Angeles landscape designer, Shirley Bovshow, garden lifestyle expert for the Hallmark channel show, Home & Family.

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