Lettuce Salad With Vegetables || ഒരു അടിപൊളി സാലഡ് || Healthy

Lettuce Salad With Vegetables || ഒരു അടിപൊളി സാലഡ് || Healthy Diet Salad Recipe || Weight Loss Salad
Healthy diet salad recipe .Its very healthy, tasty & quick recipe
#LettuceSaladWithVegetables #EasySaladRecipe #WeightLossSalad #HealthySalad

My tomato, lettuce,cucumber and capsicum salad is all about simplicity.It’s a flat salad, which I like much better than bowl salads as the dressing complements the vegetables rather than suffocating them.
Ingredients :
Romaine lettuce – 12 leaves
Cherry tomatoes – 6 no
cucumbers – 2 no
3 color capsicum – 1/4 portion (each)
2 tablespoons of Olive oil
1 tablespoon o apple cider vinegar
black pepper to taste
Salt to taste

Cut all the veggeies into small to medium pieces.
Transfer it in a bowl and add olive oil,vinegar,pepper and salt.Mix everything well and serve.

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