Prepare Pot Mix at Home using coco peat for Healthy

Prepare Pot Mix at Home. How to use Coco Peat. Gardening Tips for beginners. Indoor Gardening.

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POT MIX preparation is one of the key steps in GARDENING. This Video shows HOW TO PREPARE POTTING MIX AT HOME for GARDENING BEGINNERS. DIY POT MIX with minimum resources. Suitable for INDOOR GARDENING ROSE PLANTS FLOWER PLANTS AND GREEN VEGGIES. Suitable to use with both POTS and GARDEN GROW BAGS. How to use COCO PEAT or PEAT MOSS in pot mix.
Take each one portion of coco peat or peat moss, clay and vermi COMPOST. Handful of NEEM FLAKES and handful of FARM MANURE. Mix thoroughly.

COCO PEAT gives moisture retaining capability to the POT MIX at the same helps drain excess water. Plants grow healthier and stronger in a pot mix if it is properly made. This POT MIX would not require changing in long time provided nutrition is being added regularly.
This pot mix feels lighter and softer and is best suitable for germination of seeds, flower plants, indoor plants and creepers as well. Choose GROW BAGS and pots of size best suitable for each of the plant and its features.

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