The Art of Fermentation

Bold flavors require bold vision. In this new series, Chef Roy Choi invites creators and culinary innovators who are pushing boundaries in their respective industries into the Field Roast Kitchen for a bold tasting experience. A meeting of the minds and palettes, each episode sees Roy pairing our creator’s crafts, flavors and cuisines with Field Roasts’ delicious selections, delivering a once-in-a-lifetime plant-based meal. While Roy and our guest creator swap unique flavors and their own ground-breaking stories, we’ll learn about their deep connection to food, to community; to exploring new ways of looking at plant-based food and our world.

In our first episode of Make Taste Happen, chef Roy Choi and founder of Picklé, a community-focused pickle workshop in LA, Jess Wang, showcase the taste-altering possibilities of fermentation with a new plant-rich take on the traditional Chinese Zha Jiang Mian noodle dish featuring Field Roast.

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