Turn barren soil to bountiful with Yates Dynamic Lifter 30

Just like a house needs a solid foundation, plants need good soil. Enriching your soil before planting with a concentrated source of organic material, like Yates Dynamic Lifter, will help create nutrient-rich soil for healthy, productive plants. Certified for use in organic garden, Yates Dynamic Lifter is a rich, compressed pellets of chicken manure with the goodness of blood & bone, fishmeal and seaweed.

Yates Dynamic Lifter can be used all year round, on all plants including Australian natives.

Benefits of using Yates Dynamic Lifter
• Improves soil water and nutrient-holding capacity
• Improves soil structure
• Encourages earthworms and soil microorganisms
• Provides gentle slow release organic nutrients
• Approved for use in organic gardens

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